BRINGING THE MAGIC OF OUTDOOR FILM TO YOU. For entertainment and education.


About Us

We are re-defining the cinema experience by creating unique screening options from Urban Venues to the most rural towns countrywide.

We conceptualise a cinema experience for your target audience,whether you are planning a corporate event,community  event,school fundraiser,NGO,Training Programme,youth programme,conference,Festivals etc.we will suggest films to suit your needs.

Pop up Cinema is ideal for the following but not limited:

End of year functions and Parties
Product Lauches
New Clients Events
Team Building days
Company meetings

We have 4 cinema setups

Drive in cinema
Sunset Cinema (Oudoor Picnic)
Indoor Experiential
(Transforming indoor space into cinema magic)
Silent Cinema (Using wireless headphones)
A Special feature that we hold dear to our hearts at Enchor Cinema:
showcasing educational films to Rural High Schools, Tvet College and Youth.We do not only focus on Films, we show Short stories with mostly south African content but not limited,
Documentaries that directly speaks about social ills impacting our societies
We engage, educate and create dialogue that will influence Personal change and inspire the spirit of Umntu ngumntu ngabantu in our communities. we are changing rural lives young and old through film and documentaries that inspire to build and influence youth and adults alike to take full responsibility of their communities.
We Serve Drinks,Popcorns and finger foods. what is Film without fresh Finger Food sold by our own local small business owners and make a name for themselves.

Our Services

For Business

Enchor Pop up cinema  provides entertainment for all ages, it is a fun way to bring people together, build and bring the spirit of communities together, attract new  businesses, increase revenues, inspire and motivate staff. Incorporate films to your presentations, corporate events, trade shows to develop your message in an entertaining way. Educate and reward employees and customers with the powerful medium of film.

For Festivals

Make room for cinema at your festival,Entertain your quests to a unique cinema experience,choose from a variety of our cinema setups depending on the type of your festival.
outdoor open air ( inflatable screen)
It is more than just a projector,screen and sound. we create magical experience! 

For Fundraisers

Movies have influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment torwards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood. Enchor Pop up Cinema provides entertainment for all ages. It is a fun way to bring families and communities together. A great way to inspire and educate learners and students. Raise money for an in school society/ Gala/ excursion/sports tours. Bring cinema and the of film your youth. We Bring a full cinema experience indoors and outdoors, you focus on Marketing.

For Restaurants, Hotels and B&Bs

Add value to customers dining experience as well as your hotel stay, by offering movie experience in addition to the meal and a night in your hotel or B&B. Increase revenue and give your business a unique advantage.

For Education


Enchor Film harnesses the storytelling power of film to educate the most visually literate generation in history.

Most of the critical issues that South Africa faces today are international in their scope and complexity, and our abilities as a nation to meet these challenges will be strengthened by a greater understanding of our global interdependence.

Aligned with various initiatives, Enchor Film believes that helping youth in Rural areas develop this kind of worldview and understanding should be a primary 21st century educational goal. Our educational
program has proven to be effective in connecting cultures, building youth that puts self-development and personal leadership through Film at the centre of their life journey, broadening world-views, teaching
for global competency and building a new paradigm for best practices in education.

Our Impact

Enchor Films Program address a variety of Local and global issues . We use film to engage students in meaningful examinations of human rights, poverty and hunger, stereotyping, environmental issues, global health,
Personal development and leadership, embracing culture and Language , gender roles, Entrepreneurship and careers. All while meeting today’s educational standards.

Our hope is that the impressions and lessons from the films selected by Enchor Film and School management will continue to echo in their hearts and minds for years to come, inspiring today’s students to become cross-culturally competent, productive and compassionate adults, young leaders who will impact their society and add value by taking responsibility.

What we do

We combine the power of moving and provocative films with the highest quality standards-based lesson plans to inspire and engage students in learning.

  1. Select Films.Our team reaches into the global film market to find feature-length, narrative and documentary films to engage students in active learning. We look for films that are meaningful and mind-expanding, age-appropriate and provocative, Films that will inspire and ignite passion. Some of the films tell stories of young people from faraway countries and cultures. Some explore issues such as poverty, young Entrepreneurs, emotions and self-governance , freedom of the press, gender equity, climate change and pandemics, social media. Money, inspiring to change and develop our communities.
  2. Develop Curriculum Guides.Using films as springboards for interdisciplinary lesson plans, a team of top-notch educational experts, subject-area specialists and editors come together to develop high-quality curricula for teaching core academic subjects. Students move beyond engrossing movie narratives toward deeper learning.
  3. Professional Development for Teachers.We are working on educators receiving specialized instruction to maximize our prepared curriculum and learn how to use film in the classroom in ways that meet core educational standards. We offer one, two and three-day workshop options. We will be creating online professional development courses and webinars in the fundamentals of teaching with film, as well as film specific courses.
  4. Teach Empathy and Global Competency.Enchor Film has selected powerful age-appropriate documentaries and international films that offer windows into our world. The films transport students beyond borders and boundaries. They move beyond lectures and textbooks to provide insight, transform preconceptions and prejudices, and foster genuine cultural understanding as well as understanding the bigger world we live in start appreciating and being responsible for their world and communities
  5. Teach Social Awareness and Current local & Global Issues. Enchor Film will be looking at enriching lesson plans for subjects ranging from math, science, language arts and social studies to topics like environmental sustainability, hunger, global health, diversity, gender equity and media literacy.

Contact Us

Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here 24/7. You can call us by phone or email us directly.


Address 1:
1185 Stoneridge Estate,
Barclay Street, Noordwyke, 1687, Gauteng.

Address 2:
Mangquzu Loc, Flagstaff, 4810,
Eastern Cape